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I don’t think I’ve done anything for 3k yet (even though I reached it forever ago) so here is my ultimate master post of everything in my resources tag
Names for writers creating their own world (or characters) (2)
How to make characters believably fall in love
Alternative words for ‘said’ (2)
Character flaws (2)
100 beautiful/ugly words
7 steps to the perfect story
Role players masterpost
Get inspired
Eye colours/colours (2) (3) (4)
200 words that describe light
Emotions/body language (2) (3) (4)
Words to use more often
Synonyms for common words 
When to change paragraphs
How well do you know your OCs?
Biggest writing masterpost ever
Films/TV Shows
Disney films masterpost
Bill Nye the Science Guy
Watch musicals
Scenes From a Hat (Whose Line is it Anyway?)
TV show masterpost
All Sherlock episodes
Orphan Black
Teen movies
How I Met Your Mother songs
Movies masterpost
Jenna Coleman interviews/appearances masterpost
Cite using Google Scholar
Screencap meme/challenge
Favourite celebrity meme/challenge
Typography masterpost
Colouring tutorial
Food fonts pack
TV fonts pack
Pretty fonts
More fonts
How to make a diamond graphic
Photoshop masterpost
Tumblr dashboard image sizes
Tumblr formatting cheat sheet
HTML text reference
Look at posts from a certain day
Sidebars/dividers/updates tabs/base codes
Base codes
2013 theme makers
Find the perfect theme
Things To Do When You're Bored
Fun things
Make an OTP pendant
January boredom busters
Learn to read/write/speak fictional languages
Waste time on the internet
Play Pokemon online
Hobbies masterpost
Other Good Things To Know
How to stop someone from grabbing/attacking you
French insults
How to walk like a queen
Things to remember/life hacks
Shakespeare insults
How to pick locks
A list of all Harry Potter spells
Every Doctor Who script ever written
Create your mind palace
What the fuck should I make for dinner/listen to/do/go
Watch youtube and draw and do other fun shit with internet friends
Hogwarts timetable
Good Elsa from Frozen reaction gifs
Learn why plastic knives make good weapons
Make crayon lipstick
How to get away with murder
Tumblr emoticons
Game of Thrones hairstyles
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I don’t think I’ve done anything for 3k yet (even though I reached it forever ago) so here is my ultimate master post of everything in my resources tag

Films/TV Shows
Things To Do When You're Bored
Other Good Things To Know
More Masterposts of Masterposts
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